D-Motor CNC factory
@D-Motor, we never stop to engineer and serve our customers

Why do we make engines for airplanes and helicopters ? Because we want our customers to fly. Flying is done by a propellor, vertical or horizontally positioned.
At D-Motor we achieve 90HP, 125HP, and even more, at leight weight mode, low consumption mode, and ... safe mode (Dual redundant ECU system).

Getting those HP to the propellor is an art ! Jason (jason@d-motor.eu), our chief CNC engineer, uses Solidworks to design and upgrade the most vital part of our engine, ... "The Propellor Flange" ! 

At D-Motor, Jason tries to please every customer. Depending on the type of aircraft, we developped several Flange dimensions.

The flanges are made in house, in aluminium, by our CNC machines.

We can offer the following flange lenghts :

  1. L079 - 79 mm flange 

  2. L089 - 89 mm flange

  3. L099 - 99 mm flange 

  4. L109 - 109 mm flange

  5. L119 - 119 mm flange

    All other dimensions we can manufacture, send us the required dimensions and we will quote you


D - Motor, Partner of the Fly-Inn @EBMO Airfield
You are invited 29-30 June 2019, Moorsele Belgium