LF39 Engine powers Dynali
Belgian helicopter, belgian engine !

D-Motor was asked (by Georges Fontaine, D.I.A.N.)  to integrate their 6 cylinder (LF39 - type) in his Dynali helicopter.
The engine was showed at the Friedrichshafen Aero show 2019, and now built into the helicopter. 
The integration was done by the owner, we did the startup and setup of the engine.

Dynali is a Belgian helicopter builder, D-Motor is a Belgian engine builder,... a perfect marriage !


The D-Motor startup @ D.I.A.N. Belgium : https://youtu.be/L0C4PM6MzlQ 

Contact : 

D-Motor   sales@d-motor.eu 
D.I.A.N.       g.fontaine@dian.be

About Dynali : 

Dynali Helicopter Company is the belgian manufacturer of the H3 Sport ultralight helicopter.

The workshop facilities are located in Thines (30km south of Brussels) and the 1200 sqm plant is large enough to produce 6 to 7 helicopters per month.

A major part of the team is dedicated to the production and assembly while a few people are continuously working on the research and development, making Dynali helicopters the best ultralight helicopters on the market.

With Dynali Helicopter Company, the greatest care is given to each customer, always considered as being a close member of the family.

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