The DKT 07 launch on pilots day
D-Motor launches its DKT 07 ULM helicopter on International Pilot Day - April the 26th

The next generation ULM Helicopter

D-Motor proudly launched their DKT 07 Ultra LIght helicopter at the Heli Business hangars (EBKT, Kortijk - Wevelgem Airport) last friday. 

Last friday, the D-Motor team launched officially their Aplha test phase of the DKT 07, next generation ultra light helicopter.

Friday, EBKT Belgium,  april the 26th.
The DKT 07, 
A helicopter that is small, compact, safe, and affordable.

A helicopter that, after nearly 5 years of construction, has finally entered its alpha testing phase.

D-Motors  helicopter is fully completed and airworthy, having already logged numurous  flight hours and will continue to undergo extensive testing until September 2024 as a prototype.

D-Motor aims to commercially release the aircraft by the end of September.

West Flemish cutting-edge technology.

Former justice minister and current major of Kortrijk, Vincent Vanquickenborne, took place in the sleek cockpit! The DKT 07 is now alive ! 

99% of the components are made in Belgium ! Glasscockpit is the new GARMIN G3X.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

100% Fossil Free thanks to our partner P1 fuels 

D-Motor's decision to partner with P1 Fuels, a supplier of fossil-free fuel, is not only driven by environmental concerns but also by the desire to introduce an aircraft to the market that flies more affordably than on traditional AVGAS.

We can say, the worlds first ‘Green’ helicopter, thanks to P1 Fuel!

Enjoy the pictures of the launch event at EBKT International Airport Kortrijk - Wevelgem

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019
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