D -Motor International

Our light weight engines are the result of several years of
development and testing.

100% Quality engines manufactured in Belgium.

The most performant fixed-wing, helicopter and drone engine in the world,

150 HP @ 2.850 RPM

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Ultralight Engine

Up to 150 HP continious, supercompact and powerfull

D-Motor is a technology company founded at the end of 2010 to produce and market engines that have been researched and developed over a period of many years.

Based on existing and well proven technology, our 4 stroke side valve (flathead) boxer engine was developed using the very latest technology including multipoint fuel injection, electronic ignition and liquid cooling giving a maximum continuous power of 93.68 HP at 3100 RPM (58 Kgs) for the 4 cylinder LF26 and 125 HP at 3100 RPM (78Kgs) for the 6 cylinder LF39, 150 HP continious @ 2.850 RPM (92 Kgs) for our Supercharged engines. Combine this with high quality materials machined on the latest precision CNC machines, this ensures that crank shafts, connecting rods, camshafts and all engine parts are produced to the highest standards.

Odoo • Image and Text

Our engines are most wanted for  Helicopter  and  DRONE applications, because of their light weight, low consumption of MoGas @ 2.850 RPM, low RPM (Low noise) and performant nearly flat Torque capabilities @ 150 HP continiously.
D -Motor delivers engines ONLY to OEM / integrators. 

Compact, Simple, Light, Strong, Safe, Cubic, Sidevalved. 
Belgian Top Quality 4 and 6 cylinder engines.

We fill the GAP for the new weight regulations, our weight/power performance is the best !