Thank you for your visit @ Friedrichshafen 2019
D-Motor International is a 100% Belgian Engine Manufacturer

Friedrichshafen 2019 was a succes !  Our team came back from the BodenSee on Sunday morning, pocket full of new contacts, ideas, and the commercial and technical batteries charged ! 

The D-Motor team is working continiously towards perfection. We are in the development of new engines and new features for our existing line ! 
Please visit our news section frequently for our achievements.

Fair statement 1 :  D-Motor Internationbal is NOT SOLD to whatever  company, it is belgian hands, management and team ! 

Fair statement 2 : D-Motor did not develop a 6 cylinder LF39 engine with 200 Hp ! (see our technical sheets for our different models).

Thank you Jürgen Ostermeier and Greetje, for hosting our Booth @ Friedrichshafen. The Booth had many visitors, the improved LF26 and LF39 were succesfull, and the Luscombe dealership of D-Motor Germany was noticed ! A fine Airplane, lots of interest ! 

Time we make the preperations for #FH2020 !

Luscombe USA
D-Motor equipped by D-Motor Germany