D-Motor DROPBOX System
Up and down loading files in a secure way

When organisations transfer data, they inevitably compromise its security to some degree. It’s no longer secured behind physical defences, such as in a locked drawer in the organisation’s secure premises, and the means of transfer can be lost, stolen or hacked.

There’s not much organisations can do to eliminate data loss, so the problem becomes how to reduce the damage once the data is exposed?

At D-Motor International, we take the EU GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) serious ! 
We have a lot of commercial and technical documents to share with our international customers. Platforms like Google drive, we transfer and Apple Apps, store that information on physical places we can not control or monitor. 

D-Motor installed a Private Dropbox and File transfer system since 01 may 2019, DMDS (D-Motor Dropbox System).

This platform is hosted on the private servers of our organisation, and allows us to manage files, users, group of users, etc ...

Please mail us for your Enduser, Dealer, OEM or partner login ! 
You will be able to download all our technical and commercial documents, upload documents to D-Motor and track and trace the documents you provide or download. Our system allows you to set a EOL date on a document. After that date, even with the correct credentials, the file will not be in the repository anymore.

Click on the link for the login screen :      D-Motor Dropbox System


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