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Our light weight engine is the result of several years of development and testing.

100% Quality engines manufactured in Belgium.

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Ultralight Engine

More advanced, supercompact

D-Motor is a Company created at the end of 2010 to produce and market an engine which has been researched and developed over a period of many years.

Based on existing and well proven technology, our 4 stroke side valve (flathead) boxer engine was developed using the very latest technology including multipoint fuel injection, electronic ignition and liquid cooling giving a maximum continuous power of 93.68 HP at 3100 RPM for the 4 cylinder LF26 and 125 HP at 3100 RPM for the 6 cylinder LF39. Combine this with high quality materials machined on the latest precision CNC machines, this ensures that crank shafts, connecting rods, camshafts and all engine parts are produced to the highest standards.

The engine was initially tested for many hours on a DYNO bench before undertaking extensive ground & flight testing  by three independent microlight manufacturers and/or distributors to establish its reliability and durability. then the engines are disassembled for inspection.

Our company is managed by Peter Desmet and Kurt Ghekiere.

  • Compact
  • Simple
  • Light
  • Strong
  • Safe
  • Cubic
  • Belgian
  • Sidevalved