Why is  D -Motor Best in Class in the light weight engine market ? 

We manufacture engines that run at 80% of their capabilities, we manufacture engines that guarantee a safe operation for every helicopter pilot, giving that pilot the power and torque he needs, when necessary. Dropping 200 RPM ? No problem for D-Motor engines!

Lifting the helicopter, the power is there again, more then 365 Nm torque - without hesitation ! 

Low RPM ? 
Our engines run at 2.850 RPM, not 5.500, they are silent, robust and trustworthy ! We do not publish engine test results that can only hold for the first 3 minutes of flight, we deliver continious power available to the pilot.

Our pilot assistance hardware and software guarantees a safe return home (RTH) at all times, regardless the flight conditions or the PIC conditions.

At D-Motor, our engines are developped by pilots, who know what the aircraft needs.

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150 HP - Low RPM (2.850) - Flat Torque

The Windyn test graph left was taken during the december test program of our LF39 Evolution 2 engine. Air in : 23° Celcius, Cylindrical Supercharger active, normal load, continious load ... 

At D-Motor, we only believe what we see, and we are good in facts & figures. 150 HP continious with a nearly flat torque curve from 2550 RPM to 3100 RPM was our goal. The new LF39TS is born - exactly what a helicopter pilot needs, ... power, power, power - not for 2 minutes, not for peak situations. 

D-Motor mission is to deliver safe engines, engines that give a pilot that little more when he needs it ! 

Our engines run at 80% - continious 

We take our test results for serious at D-Motor. Our 6 cylinder supercharged engine line went to 175 HP peak. Our Engine Control Unit limits the power to 150, because we want that safety margin at all times. Running at low RPM, using MoGas, delivering an nearly flat torque curve at twice the torque as our competitors enables us to power any helicopter or drone in the world, with confidence that we can handle the extra mile or extra feet in height ! 

Contact us for pricing and technical information, we say what we do, we do what we say !!!

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20% power margin - Safety First