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Our CL39, best fitted clutch for the LF39T(S)

A freewheel clutch is the first element in the transfer of engine power to the main and tail rotor. D-Motor has designed a product where this happens with a minimum of losses.

100% tuned to our LF series engines, price conscious, easy to install.

Freewheels are also used in rotorcrafts. Just as a bicycle's wheels must be able to rotate faster than the pedals, a rotorcraft's blades must be able to spin faster than its drive engines. This is especially important in the event of an engine failure where a freewheel in the main transmission lets the main and tail rotor systems continue to spin independent of the drive system. This provides for continued flight control and an autorotation landing.

Top quality manufactured Clutch with Freewheel  

Transfer your D-Motor engine power smoothly to the main and tail rotor !