The best configuration for your airplane !

At D - Motor we design, develop, produce, assemble and test all our products in our Belgium factory. (Super Flow test system)
Our basic configurations (LF26 and LF39) are delivered with addons. Choose the right addons, and we deliver your engine at your doorstep ! 

  • Backplate configuration
  • ECU software version
  • Governor function
  • Exhaust configuration
  • Throttle assembly
  • Oil sump tank 
  • Flange lenght
  • Cabling
We are the light weight engine company

We make Creative Aviation Solutions

Our engines are made for the light weight aviation market. We are proud to deliver engines that consume approx. 18 litres of fuel, weigh approx 70 Kgs, and deliver from 90 to 125 HP ! 

All our engines are injection engines, controlled by our redundant FADEC units.


What about my cowling dimensions  LF26 (4 cylinder) ?

Our engines are light, compact and flexible in connecting to your airplane or helicopter.

What about my cowling dimensions  LF39 (6 cylinder) ?

Our engines are light, compact and flexible in connecting to your airplane or helicopter.

What Propellor Flange should i buy ? 

The Propellor Flange is a important part of your engine! It delivers the induced Horse Power to the propellor. We make the flanges in aluminium, light weight engine = light weight parts!

We have several lenghts, depending on the space you have between the propellor and the engine. Be sure to give us the correct lenght when ordering a LF26 or LF39 engine! 

We provide the following lenghts : 

  • L079 = 79 mm 

  • L089 = 89 mm

  • L099 = 99 mm

  • L109 = 109 mm

  • L119 = 119 mm

What Backplate should i order @ D-Motor ?

The backplate connects our engine to the airplane, helicopter or drone you power with our engine(s). The backplane hold the engine, by means of silent bocks and rubbers, and houses the starter. A backplate for a starter on TOP, at the rear, ... is different.

Send us your type of aircraft, drone, fixed wing or helicopter when ordering one of our engines ! 

We have several Backplates - be sure to indicate the one you need !

 Backplate LF26 for starter on TOP (260 mm X 250 mm)

Backplate LF26 for starter at Rear of engine (260 mm X 250 mm)

Backplate for LF39 Starter on TOP (275 mm X 250 mm)

What Oil tank (sump) do i need ?

Beware! In the UK no physical level indicator is allowed. We have two types, with and without level indicator. Send us the correct info before we ship your engine ! 

Oil pressure sensor >> ECU (FADEC)

What ECU (Computer Unit) should i order ?

Our ECU (Engine Computer Units) are redundant. Three computers decide, based upon the sensor readings and the pilot handlings, how our engines should perform and react !

The basic input sensors are :

- Hook sensor 

- Lambda sensor 

- water temperature sensor 

- oil temperatore sensor 

- rpm input 

At D-Motor, we have integrated all three computer nits in one box. 

4 connection outlets are provided to the host and the sensors, one RS422/CAN BUS connection is available at a Sub DB9 connector on our ECU.

Our software will decide on the fact if it is operating a LF26 or LF39 engine how to react, so you do not have to worry about which ECU to choose.

The mapping tables are loaded in our factory, based on the type of aircraft you use.

Follow our communication for important software updates of your ECU !