Customer satisfaction is our priority

Our three level support service

At D-Motor, we try to realise the highest customer satisfaction. The best way to do this is to offer the best technical support to our customers. D-Motor operates in the aeronautical industry, that requires specific and complex technological knowledge. We try to offer our customers easy to understand, fast and professional support.

Level 1 - our knowledge base

Our knowledge base repository is our first line of support. D-Motor publishes at regular intervals Service bulletins, Information Bulletins and knowledge articles. This documentation is under a continious proces of improvement and update! Our Private Dropbox server ( is open to all our customers, OEM/Dealers and integrators, 24/7 ! 

Level 2 - Our Support team 

If the answer to your technical probleme is not found in our on-line systems, you can contact our Support team by mpeans of our helpdesk system. The D-Motor helpdesk system will generate a ticket code and send you an e-mail which is logged by an assigned ID number. We prioritize your request, track the progress and provide you with the solution.

Level 3 - our R&D department

Our engineers are made directly available by phone, video conference or dicrect e-mail if the level 2 and level 3 help is not satisfactory. We try to resolve the most demanding technical enquiries you have, by direct contact.



We try to make all our technical support as accessible as possible. We feel that our customers should have 24/7 access to our knowledge.

Service bulletins

D-Motor Service Bulletins are mandatory, and should be applied strictly.

Information bulletins

D-Motor Information Bulletins are informational supplements to your POH or maintenance manual.