Training for our integrators

Integrating an engine is more then mounting it into an aircraft ...

Our test bench room is at your disposal. Our integrators / OEM customers learn how to mount, startup, fine - tune and control their engines. 150 HP delivered at the propellor or rotor is more then a mechanical action ! It needs training with our ECU software (Mapping), adjusting the engine with the right tools, and learning how to respond to the engines behaviour. 

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We organise day training sessions troughout the year for our customers.
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Integrating is a learning proces

We help our customers integrating our engines into their aircraft. A fixed wing, a helicopter, a helicopter - drone, all of them require a different approach. 

At the D-Motor academy, we organise training sessions to learn about  the LF-Series in a hands - on way ! 

As customer, you want your new engine performing as good as possible. We guarantee a swift training, and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Contact us today and subscribe for a hands on LF-S series training sessions at our Head Quarters (Deerlijk, Belgium).