D - Motor UAV Propulsion systems

LF39+ Engine type to be released early 2020

The emerging market of Utility aircrafts (Fixed wing drones and Helicopter drones) demands special performance and capabilities of the propulsion system. The D-Motor Engine family is known for its Unique Selling Points such as :

* Nearly flat torque over a wider span of RPM variations 
* Low consumption (MoGas 15Ltrs/hr) 
* Redundant Engine Control Unit
* Low RPM 2800-3000 (direct powered), 125HP or more (charged) resulting in LOW Noise operation
* Liquid cooled, injection engine only

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The LF39 Low Noise, Lightweigth Engine

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Standard 4 stroke, 6 cylinder engine 125HP @ 3.000 RPM

Direct powered flanges, MoGas operated, 100% belgium manufactured

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