Swiss Kopter Technology chooses the LF39
A partnership has been forged between SKT and D-Motor

Swiss Kopter technology SA, located on the Ambri Aerodrome in Switzerland, has signed a agreement to use the LF39/LF39TS  type engine into their helicopters.

   SKT Helicopters is a company backed by many
   years of aeronautical experience.  The founders of
   SKT have worked for many years in the fields
   of helicopter design, engineering, manufacturing,
   operations and support.  With SKT they are utilizing
   their expertise to realize the most innovative
   rotary wing business concept today.

   The SKT Skyrider 

   The SKT Skyrider light helicopter is a design not only for standard aerial work, but a platform for optionally piloted and remotely piloted aviation         operations.  Designed from the outset as a pilot's helicopter, the Skyrider offers outstanding levels of safety, stable and predictable handling, and performance options to meet any operator requirements.  A development programme is already under way to install a revolutionary hybrid power system for yet higher levels of safety, carbon reduction and lower costs.

The Skyrider is designed to fly, so inherent in the architecture is a minimal maintenance airframe and systems.  Combined with state-of-the art manufacturing techniques, using best-in-class materials and build options, the Skyrider's affordability is measured at about a 30% lower purchase price and a cost per flight hour of about 50% of the current market leader.

SKT is head-quartered in Ambri Aerodrome, in the South of Switzerland.  Over 500 hours of flight and ground testing has been conducted at Ambrì Airport, Ticino, Switzerland and Como, Italy.


  Swiss made

  The production facility is located Ambri Aerodrome,
  Switzerland.  Excepting the power plant, all parts,
  mechanical, electrical and electronic are made by
 SKT and a select set of strategic partners. 

Final assembly and testing is made at Ambri controlled by an in-house quality system. 
After sales support and maintenance is provided through an international resource network.

   Belgian Engine Power 

    The Skyrider is getting his LF39TS, 6 cylinder MoGas
    driven engine built in at this moment in the D-Motor
    factory in Deerlijk, belgium.

    The team of Michel and peter are working hard to
    deliver the next generation Skyrider with a stable,
    powerfull engine.

    Information :     Miki Dozio, CEO SKT Helicopters 
                        Peter Desmet, CEO D-Motor 
                        Kurt Ghekiere, CCO D-Motor

                    Info :  SKT helicopter SA 

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