Season Greetings from D-Motor, we launch a new engine chapter ...
Discover our new evolutions, rigid engines, more HP, more torque at low RPM ...

Best Season Greetings !

Merry Christmas and a happy 2021 from our team.

2020 was an interesting year for D-Motor. A success story that continues to grow, which is why the management team has been expanded further.
D-Motor builds on its existing vision and mission, making superb products for light weigth aviation, fixed wings, helicopters and drones.

D-Motor has invested a lot of Covid 19 time in developping new products. New power sources for the Drone market, better products for our existing helicopter market. It is a fact that the D-Motor engines ar one of a kind ! Light weigth, Mogas driven, nearly flat torque, the best power/weight ratio, and ... the best price/value. 

D-Motor is proud to annouce that they have now an answer to the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder users that need a little bit more break horse power for nearly the same weight, performance at low RPM !  The LF26TS and LF39 TS (with Supercharger) are available this year at verry competitive prices.

Our R&D department, supervised by our founder, Peter Desmet, managed to sqeeze 150 HP continious out of our engines, reserving 20% of the total power. This puts the D-Motor products in the lead world wide of the power sources needed for utility helicopters and drone applications.

If you are a helicopter or drone integrator, and you need a power source, clutch/freewheel and a main gearbox that will make your project to a success, do not hesitate to contact our commercial service. You do not have to be big to deliver big results, that is D-Motor Belgium at its best ! 

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