ECU Update
Version 3.0.10 - ECU software

D - Motor International provides  a complete FADEC Control System. (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)

 This system is manufactured in-house by D - Motor and utilizes the

D - Algorithm (by Optimex) to provide optimal control over all engine parameters.

The FADEC Control System is comprised of 2 independent engine control units (ECU) and a third communication computer. The engine control units gather data from the engine's sensors and provide the engine with optimal air, fuel and spark inputs. This results in a smooth running, efficient engine with a broad flat torque curve.A third communication computer monitors the two engine control units. If one of the control computers develops a problem, the communication computer will warn the pilot of the problem so that appropriate action may be taken to safely terminate the flight. D-Motor engines will continue to operate safely while being controlled by a single engine control unit.

 A 3 computer FADEC Control System is unique to this class of engine and is not offered by any of our competitors. 


ECU Version 3.01 Software Version 3.10   - Enhancements

Feedback from our Customers indicated that they were having difficulty starting their engines in colder temperatures. Cranking duration was sometimes longer then 10 seconds. Our Software Engineers made adjustments to the Ignition Dwell Angle during the starting phase and the results are fabulous!!

Both the LF26 and LF39 engines are starting within 2 seconds in colder temperatures!

Please contact us via email ( for information regarding this software upgrade. 

Upon contact we will provide technical support for the download.

 Happy Flying!

 The D - Motor team


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