D - Motor UAV Propulsion systems
LF39TS Engine type to be released early summer 2021

The emerging market of Utility aircrafts (Fixed wing drones and Helicopter drones) demands special performance and capabilities of the propulsion system.

The D-Motor Engine family is known for its Unique Selling Points such as :

* Nearly flat torque over a wider span of RPM variations 
* Low consumption (MoGas 15Ltrs/hr) 
* Redundant Engine Control Unit
* Low RPM 2850-3000 (direct powered), 125HP or more (charged)
   resulting in LOW Noise operation
* Liquid cooled, injection engine only

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The LF39 Low Noise, Lightweigth Engine

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Standard 4 stroke, 6 cylinder engine 125HP @ 2.850 RPM will become 150 HP @ 2.850 RPM mid 2021 

Direct powered flanges, MoGas operated, 100% belgium manufactured

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